Coconut Wax

Our 100% natural proprietary blend of organic coconut wax is made only with natural biodegradable ingredients. Coconut wax comes from the process of collecting the tropical beauties (the coconuts) and cold pressing the oil out of the meat of the coconut, and then cleaning and filtering it until it is beautifully white, creamy and dreamy ...clean, natural, and healthy. A much happier picture than where paraffin wax comes from...Check out Paraffin Wax...Are you ready to stop burning oil? and much cooler than where soybean wax comes from...Boring!

All of the ingredients that we use in our proprietary blend are also made with non-GMO, pesticide free raw materials that are manufactured ecologically sound, socially just, and economically responsible according to international standards.

Below are some of the associations that our wax suppliers belong to;

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